Imagine a young girl’s dream of a career in medicine, specializing in research for a rare form of cancer.

Or another’s dream of becoming secretary of state.

Or a young woman’s dream of becoming a successful business owner.

Or a woman already employed in the workforce who wishes to further develop her leadership skills.

Texas Business and Professional Women’s Foundation, Inc. (TBPWF) provides financial support to further the pursuit of dreams such as these – and more – through various scholarship and fellowship awards.

Beneficiaries come from all walks of life and all parts of the state.  Yet the common goal they share is the desire for acquiring specialized knowledge and further developing skills needed for additional career responsibilities – or even for unlocking new career opportunities.

Over the past 20 years TBPWF has provided financial support totaling over half a million dollars toward furthering the dreams, ambitions and knowledge of Texas women.

Indeed, the Foundation’s mission is straightforward – helping Texas women succeed!