Chloe Monroe MDA Fund

The Foundation’s association with the M. D. Anderson Hospital began with the predecessor organization, the Texas Federation of Business and Professional Women, in 1941 when the Texas Legislature approved a bill calling for the establishment of a state cancer hospital and research institute.

In 1949, BPW urged passage of State Legislation to appropriate funds for atomic energy-radiological facilities at the Hospital’s permanent site in the Texas Medical Center in Houston.

In 1950, Past State President Dora Davis represented the Texas Federation at the groundbreaking ceremonies using a silver spade to turn the first spade of dirt. The silver spade was donated to the Federation and now is displayed in the State Executive Office.

In 1974 while serving as State President, Chloe Monroe designated the M. D. Anderson Fund as a state civic participation project. BPW members and friends contributed a total of $40,000 during the year with the funds designated towards the cancer care, research, and education building program.

At the 1977 Fort Worth State Convention, the fund was designated as a continuing project of the Federation.

At the 1980 San Antonio State Convention, the name was changed to the CHLOE MONROE MDA FUND in honor of past state president Chloe Monroe.

Chloe Monroe cherished BPW’s support of the Fund named in her honor until her death on September 15, 1985. Just two months prior to her death, Chloe Monroe attended the Dallas state convention and participated in the presentation of the Federation’s contribution of $60,000 to James Bowen, Ph.D., along with President Lee MacDonald and MDA Chairman Darlene Watson.

Every year the State President appoints, with executive committee approval, a Chloe Monroe MDA chair and committee to promote voluntary donations to the Fund. Contributions in honor of or in memory of special friends and loved ones are encouraged. Local organizations and regions often include this project as a budgetary item and hold special fundraisers such as annual Walk-A-Thon.

Contributions fund various individual programs of the M. D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute that are recommended by the hospital staff and approved by the now Texas Business Women’s organization at the State level.

The endowed BPW Past President’s Award was established to encourage women in cancer treatment and research careers. The annual recipient is selected through a review process by a committee appointed by the President of The University of Texas System Cancer Center. Each nominee must have an advanced degree in medicine or science. The purpose of the award is threefold:

  • To recognize women who have attained significant achievements in cancer treatment and research;
  • To foster professional development of women in the field of oncology;
  • To encourage further advancements in cancer treatment and research.


Many hospital programs have benefited from the Chloe Monroe MDA Fund, many of which served as pilot programs. These programs have included: 1) the Nursing Career Development program, designed to expand career options for nurses; 2) a high school student summer program which allowed twenty outstanding Texas high school seniors to experience a research environment first-hand; 3) breast cancer research; 4) nurse screening and detection program; 5) tumor virology research; 6) dental oncology; 7) psycho-social aspects of childhood cancer; 8) fast neutron therapy; 9) patient education; 10) breast prosthesis development program; 11) pediatric recreation program; 12) Volunteer Service Beauty/Barber Shops; 13) Breast cancer clinical care; 14) Cylotron; 15) Maxiofacial Rehabilitation; 16) Pharmacy Outpatient Chemotherapy, 17) numerous brochures for cancer patients carrying the Texas Federation of Business and Professional Women/Texas Business Women’s name.

In the early years of the partnership between the Foundation, the Texas Federation, and M.D. Anderson Hospital, it was specified that a plaque would be placed in a prominent location of the hospital to honor the Texas Federation President at the end of her tenure of office. However, when the Lutheran Pavilion was constructed at the Hospital, one plaque was substituted which bears the names of each past State President.

In addition, there are several other plaques and honor roll scripts located in the Lutheran Pavilion recognizing individual members, local organizations, and districts for their contributions.

M. D. Anderson Cancer Center has set the pace for advances against cancer. There has been incredible growth in the number of patients cared for and the level of scientific discovery fueling the progress made against cancer.

In 1991, M. D. Anderson Cancer Center celebrated its Golden Jubilee, and its 50-year partnership with the Texas Federation, which began in 1941.

At the 1993 San Angelo State Convention, Dr. James M. Bowen of the MDA Hospital announced that the Texas Federation’s total donations had reached over $805,000 in contributions to the M. D. Anderson Cancer Center.

Also in 1993, the “FULFILL THE PROMISE” plan is announced in order to prepare M. D. Anderson Cancer Center for the challenges of the next century. BPW/Texas committed $15,000 a year for five years. In 1998, In recognition of the Federation’s efforts, a plaque was placed at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center signifying this donation upon completion.

Rather than expand the size of the facility, the goal is to continue the excellence for which the Center has earned a worldwide reputation and to take advantage of every opportunity to eliminate cancer. The five year program incorporated the following elements:

  • The Patient Care Building which would house a four-story base of diagnostic and treatment areas with a four-story patient care tower above.
  • The Clinical Research Building which would include basic and clinical science laboratories for experimental surgery, medicine, and laboratory medicine, along with shared support services.
  • The Clinical Service Building which would consist of ten stories to implement the development of multi-disciplinary disease-site clinics and will house the new Cancer Prevention Center.