Planned Giving

Interested individuals may choose to support Texas working women and the Texas Business and Professional Women’s Foundation, Inc. by pledging financial contributions on a one-time basis, on an ongoing basis, by a charitable gift during their lifetime or through a charitable bequest included in the donor’s will or trust. Regardless of the method chosen for financial support, donors have the flexibility for designating to which specific purpose/scholarship fund(s) financial support is directed.

And remember that gifts and bequests of every size help build the Foundation’s future financial strength.

Cash/Ongoing Contributions

Several choices are available for making cash contributions – whether a one-time donation or as part of ongoing contributions. Click on the Donate Now link for additional information about making current cash contributions.

Charitable Gift

Individuals may wish to make a gift during their lifetime by donating an asset other than cash. By gifting appreciated investment security, as an example, donors can show generous financial support without first needing to sell the security and pay taxes on any gains that might otherwise be realized. As a tax-exempt organization, TBPWF will realize the full value of the gift upon sale of the security. Plus the gift may qualify the donor for a tax-deductible contribution in the year in which it is made.

This is but one example from among several possibilities by which both donors and the Foundation may benefit from individual generosity.

Beneficiary Designations

An easy way to support TBPWF is through naming the Foundation as a designated beneficiary in a life insurance or annuity policy or retirement plan asset. Such designations permit the owner of the insurance policy, annuity or retirement account to benefit chosen beneficiaries. And donors may specify both a primary and contingent beneficiary.

Remember that a designated beneficiary must be specified within the individual life or annuity insurance policy or retirement plan account. So be sure to contact the company/administrator if this is of special interest to you, then request and complete the appropriate beneficiary designation form. Return the completed beneficiary designation form to the company/administrator.


Another way in which interested parties can pledge their financial support for TBPWF is through a bequest in their will or trust. A bequest offers several advantages, such as:

  • Providing a simple way to make future gifts to TBPWF, yet permitting the donor to retain control over the property during the donor’s lifetime;
  • Having no impact on current assets;
  • Providing a potential deduction for the donor’s taxable estate, which might reduce any applicable estate taxes; and
  • Affording the personal satisfaction that comes from directing one’s own “social capital”.

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In addition to choosing the type of bequest, donors can direct how it will be used.

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The preceding discussion highlights a few of the ways that interested parties can support TBPWF. These comments should not be construed as legal or tax advice. All individuals are encouraged to discuss their specific circumstances with their attorney, tax professional and financial adviser as a part of their overall financial and estate plan.

For additional information please contact Texas Business and Professional Women’s Foundation, Inc.