Mary Mackey, Treasurer

Mary Mackey joined Texas Business Women in 2000 and has served as Local Organization President, Vice President, and Treasurer, Region 7 Director, TBW State Finance Committee Chair, TBW State Treasurer, Vice President, President-Elect, and President (2016-18). Mary was appointed to the TBPW Foundation Board in 2018 and elected in ????.

“Tenacity” is one of Mary’s most prominent attributes. A couple of years out of high school and working as computer operator for a small accounting firm, Mary recognized she needed to be better educated and enrolled in an accounting class. It took 14 years to get her accounting degree, all while raising two wonderful children and working full-time. She graduated magna cum laude from Texas Woman’s University at the age of 38, then passed the CPA exam the first (and only) time she took it.

Mary is an accountant with a small oil and gas company in Dallas. She has been in corporate accounting since 2005, having previously been employed in public accounting firms for 20 years. Mary takes her work very seriously and her fun even more seriously. She follows Katherine Hepburn’s belief that “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.”

Mary gives special credit to the members of TBW for always being so very supportive and encouraging, mentoring her as she has grown personally, socially, and professionally. “Being a member of TBW has made me a better ‘me.’ I am proud to be a member of this organization and honored to know the magnificent women in TBW.”